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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Walking With Jesus

This week may seem very simple, but nonetheless, it's what I felt God wanted me to share. He is continually dealing with me on a daily basis, and I'm constantly reminded of the phrase, "What Would Jesus Do?" Some of the things are very personal, and it would be difficult to share the specifics all the time. Not only for my own sake, but also the sake of those involved. I'm sure you understand.

Christmas is fast approaching and my list of items to buy has been long. I love this time of year! My love language is receiving gifts (mostly giving them). I am so excited to spread the love with my friends and family.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to shop is through EBay. I have found many deals there, and most of them have been to my benefit. This month is seems almost every week a different package is arriving at my home, sometimes even twice a day. It's so fun!

Yesterday, I found one of my children's presents in the mailbox. What was even more exciting was the packaging. It appeared to have come through free of charge. The person who sent it attached several stamps to the envelope. Normally you will find the stamps to have been marked in some way showing they have been used. This time, they were exactly like you find in a book of stamps. I thought to myself, "Yes! Free stamps I can use again."

It was as I was preparing to throw out the trash, or used mail envelopes and scraps, that God sweetly reminded me, "What would Jesus Do?" Would He reuse the stamps, trying to get a free deal out of it? Or would He simply take it that they served their purpose and toss them into the trash?

I tossed them. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you are trying to follow closely in Jesus' steps. I want to continue my walk with Him, never needing to release His hand. It would have been pretty hard to keeping holding hands with Jesus, while at the same time trying to use my scissors to trim the stamps from the envelope...

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