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Friday, January 12, 2018

American Girl Coloring Pages: Felicity

For the past week, I have poured my heart into making these coloring pages of Felicity, my favorite American Girl. By the time I was 11, I had finally saved up enough money to buy the doll and books. I read each book from cover to cover, over and over again. I loved the stories, and I loved my Felicity. 

I have been pouring over the books for hours, trying to make them into coloring sheets. I even used a flashlight to try to see every tiny little detail. Each page has taken me an entire day to perfect and prepare. This was not an easy job, but I really had a blast working on them. It brought back so many good memories! And I'm kind of sad to see the project over.

If you haven't read any of these books, check them out! I'm certain your local library has some copies of them. Before I had money to purchase my doll and books, I repeatedly checked them out from our library, along with many of the other American Girl books. 

I wanted to give you a look into each book. I encourage you to read them if you haven't already. They are very simple for a new reader to enjoy too! All of the descriptions I have given under the pictures are taken from Amazon. They are not my own words.

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Meet Felicity, Felicity falls in love with a beautiful horse named Penny. When she discovers that the owner is cruel, she is determined to find a way to save Penny.

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Felicity Learns a Lesson, Felicity's mother decides that it is time to send Felicity for lessons in being a gentlewoman. At first, she does not wish to learn such things, but as her lessons progress she comes to enjoy all of the little things that she is being taught. However, as the colonist begin to chafe under British rule, Felicity finds her ability maintain politeness tested.

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Felicity's Surprise, Felicity is invited to a dancing lesson at the governor's palace, the most wonderful honor she can imagine. Mother promises to make a beautiful new gown for her. As the splendid event draws near, Mother becomes dreadfully ill. Felicity spends all her days caring for her, sadly accepting that there will be no new gown and no chance to go to the palace. No chance, that is, until a glorious surprise reminds her that Christmastime is a time when hopes and dreams do come true.

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Happy Birthday, Felicity, spring brings Felicity's tenth birthday and a visit from Grandfather. He gives Felicity a precious gift--a guitar that had belonged to her grandmother. Felicity is so enchanted with the guitar that she disobeys her mother and takes it out of the house to show her friend Elizabeth. Her parents are angry when they learn what she's done. They refuse to believe a message Felicity has overheard that means danger for the colonists. Felicity risks her parents' anger again when she decides to alert the colonists herself!

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Felicity Saves the Day, Felicity loves summertime on Grandfather's plantation. She can be outside all day--riding horses, playing with Nan and William, and exploring the woods. One day Felicity finds a secret note. It is from Ben, her father's apprentice, and it asks for her help. Ben has broken his apprenticeship agreement and is running away to join George Washington's army. Felicity begins a dangerous adventure when she goes to help Ben. She must use all her strength, courage, and wisdom to try to save the day.

free American girl coloring pages Felicity
In Changes for Felicity, 1776 starts off with good news. Her beloved horse, Penny, is going to have a foal! Felicity has one worry--Jiggy Nye. He has been cruel to Penny in the past. Will he be cruel to her again? Soon Felicity has more worries. Her family believes in independence for the colonies. But the family of Elizabeth, Felicity's best friend, believes in loyalty to the king. Suddenly, Elizabeth's father is jailed for being a Loyalist. Will Felicity and Elizabeth's friendship survive the many changes that both girls face?

The American Girl books are some of my favorite memories from my childhood.
Open up a book, and try one! You won't be sorry!

I love that American Girl has released each historical character's set of 6 books into one convenient hardback book. I don't know if they still have the books in print, but I do know you can find them inexpensively on Amazon and Ebay if you don't mind used books. This makes it much easier to collect them all. I feel like a kid again, excited to read my favorite stories.

If case you haven't seen the books I was talking about, you can buy Felicity's Story Collection on Amazon. This is such a great deal to get all 6 of Felicity's beloved books in one convenient hardback book!

Felicity story Collection book

Who is your favorite American Girl?

Interested in some more American Girl coloring pages?

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