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Friday, November 18, 2011

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I cannot believe the day has finally come, and Joseph is upon us. We have all worked so hard for this day. I don't say that in jest either. Everyone in this family has given so much to make this possible for Ariel.

The days have been long and full of activity. The first month we had practice twice a week, and the second month it changed to almost every day. This past week has been the most work; with practices sometimes lasting almost 3 hours! Gabriel and Zechariah have both been real troopers. They have not complained once.

Each day we would bring our bag of tricks and treats, and they loved it. We played many games of pick-up sticks, they had toy soldiers and blocks to work with, coloring books to color, snacks to ingest, and our biggest savior was the DS. For the past month we've had practice in a dark theater where there isn't much light to do anything but watch the show. The boys can even sing several lines and I believe would be perfect understudies. I am so impressed with their ability to adapt, and they seemed to have enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, Gabriel mentioned he was going to miss seeing Joseph all the time.

I don't think the high school kids in the production realize this, but to my boys they are stars. As they got more and more into the play, our seats kept shifting closer to the stage each day. We finally ended up on the far right side so we could catch a close look of Joseph when he walks down the aisle in his opening number. During each company meeting, we would need Joseph in Zechariah's eye sight. If he couldn't see him, he would get very antsy and loud. As long as he had the boy where he could see him, he could quietly wait on my lap.

I have really enjoyed our time at the theater. There are days when I was ready to pull my hair out because I was overwhelmed with keeping my children's voices quiet, or I couldn't bear to hear another song. But there were lots of days where I felt so privileged and proud to be a part of the audience. These kids have done such a great job, and I was pleased to see their progress. I paid attention to all the details, I see where the director corrects them, and how they rise to the occasion, and pull it off beautifully.

It's been an awesome experience. I'm so thankful that we as a family have been a part of it. Ariel received a show shirt with the logo on it, and already Gabe has requested to be able to wear it when she outgrows it. Our family is committed to this, and I'm so excited that tonight is the night!

I posted a few photos from CJOnline. All the photos were taken by Bill Blankenship. I chose the ones most relevant to me. Okay, most of them have a glimpse of my daughter.

There are three scenes done where the kids get to have a little action. They kept it pretty simple, most of the time the children's choir sits on the risers and sings. This is one of the scenes where the children get to circle around Joseph.

If you aren't familiar with the play, it's a musical. There are no spoken words at all, and basically no scene changes. It's one continuous show with lots of lively music and dance. Each song has a different theme: cowboy, retro, Elvis, French, and Caribbean. It makes the show very fun and unexpected.

This is probably Ariel's favorite scene of the show that she is in. From the day of her audition she has been constantly singing this song around the house. It's a little bit slower and softer. The kids all get to light their electric candles, and circle behind Joseph as he's locked in jail.

I think my favorite character of the whole show is Pharaoh. This guy does such an incredible job! From day one, before I even knew he was supposed to be Elvis I went home and told my husband about his song. I loved it! He's got this great voice, and he is so expressive. On the days where I couldn't stand to be there any longer, I still had a smile on my face when Pharaoh would come out. If you're not sure about the play, just go for this one scene. You won't be sorry!

It doesn't matter how much I would pay attention to the play, as soon as Jacob would come out at the end of the play, I would tear up. Joseph runs to his father after a long absence not of his own accord, and they embrace. Even now, it gets to me. God is so amazing. This part of the play brings the whole thing home for me. God had a plan all along, and Joseph might have had hardship along the way, but through him, his family was saved. Not only were they saved from hunger and starvation, but they were blessed beyond anything they had experienced before. God is good all the time! We may not understand our circumstances or why He allows them to happen, but He can turn all things to good. It gives me goose bumps. I'm overwhelmed that I get to serve God, and He loves me just as much as He loved Joseph.

If you're not familiar with the story from the Bible, you can read about Joseph and his colored coat in Genesis chapter 37 through chapter 50.

This is the last time my boys would hear the play and see the performance. We all enjoyed our time, and I know God is going to bring about something new for all of us to do. He always does!

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people." Genesis 50:20

How amazing is that? We have no idea all the people we have an impact on. We could be saving lives every day...

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