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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

You've Been Planted

I came across this quote awhile back by Christine Caine, and knew I had to make something with it. It's so good! "Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buried, when actually you've been planted." WOW! Yes! There have been some REALLY hard times over the past few months, yet I know God is with me through it all. He has a plan, and things may seem dark and scary at times, but soon all will be revealed. God has got this! I don't need to fear! You don't need to fear! Focus on the Son. Soak up His words. Joy will come in the morning. Lately, I have gotten lots of glimpses of the flowers that have been blooming within my family. New life is beginning to sprout. God is doing miracles in us and through us. I am so blessed to be planted firmly with Jesus. 

flower coloring page Christine Caine

free flowers coloring page

As always you can feel free to use the picture for your own PERSONAL use.  But please be kind and do not claim this picture as your own or offer it for downloads.  Almost every coloring page I have made has been taken and put on many different coloring page websites offered for downloads. Please STOP doing this!!!!

free coloring page with flowers

free flowers coloring page

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