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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of watching my friend's baby boy. Zech didn't realize we would be babysitting that day, and wasn't even aware when the baby's dad dropped him off. He was busy playing with his cars.

Zechariah seemed very shocked to find Chaseton sitting in his car seat right next to the cars. I don't know how he missed the arrival, but he was completely caught off guard. He asked me, "Who gave us that baby?"

"Where did that baby come from?" (A little too complicated to be explaining to my four year old right now.)

Just last week, Chaseton came and visited us again, this time with his mom. He was sleeping in his car seat, and Zech took notice.

Lately when Zech wants my attention about something, he is very persistent to a fault. He was getting exasperated at me and wanted me to follow him. He had something to show me. "Mommy, come here. Mommy, COME HERE! Mommy! We had that a’fore!"

I had to laugh when I saw what he was pointing to. I thought at first he was referring to the blanket that was covering the baby, since I had made it for Chaseton when he was born. We had it in our home for a long time, in many pieces, in many different places. That’s not what he was talking about.

"Mommy, we had that baby a’fore."

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