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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Every time Zechariah gets an "owie" we always must pray to Jesus that it will feel better. If I don't remember, he will remind me, and request it.

As you probably know, awhile back Zechariah broke his arm and had it in a cast for several weeks. Every day we prayed that the cast would come off and he would be healed. So of course, when it really did come off, we were celebrating! In the mornings I spend time with my children writing in our prayer journals, and then we each read our prayers aloud. Zechariah likes to participate in this time also. For several days after the cast came off, Zech would always pray, "Thank you, Jesus, my red arm." This meant, in his own simple language, "Thanks for healing my arm."

After a week of praying this prayer, and thanking Jesus, he turned to me with a surprised expression and said, "Jesus is doctor?"

I thought it was wonderful that he put together this connection.

This year for Easter, we made sure to invite Jesus to the party. As soon as he made his special appearance, Zechariah ran up to him and began showing him all his "owies" hoping that he would be healed.

I love to see the faith of my child.

This morning, Zechariah hurt his arm on something and needed me to pray over him. I prayed our normal prayer to Jesus, and it wasn't enough this time. Zech requested, "Now to the God one." He wanted to make sure all his bases were covered!

If there was ever a child who reminded me more of Jesus' healing power, it's Zechariah. Time and again, God has protected him from harm. What the devil meant for bad, God turned it around for the best.

Just yesterday God showed me again, He has promised a long full life to Zechariah. We spent the last few days with my husband's grandparents who live in Wichita. The kids love going to Grandma & Granddad Power's house. They talk about it all year long, literally.

As we were all sitting down to breakfast, Zechariah thought he spotted a piece of broken candy corn on the table. Before we could react, or even know what he'd done, he popped it into his mouth. As soon as it happened, I remembered seeing a pill in the middle of the table, and I realized he had just eaten it. We couldn't get him to spit it out.

It gave him a horrible taste in his mouth, but he still continued to chew it up and swallow it. He was crying the whole time. It was too late. In just a few seconds he had eaten the 250 milligram prescription vitamin that was intended for Granddad.

Within 5 minutes he had a heat flash. His skin became bright red like a tomato and he had intense itching. He described it like bugs biting him all over his body.

We called the pharmacist to make sure the vitamin wouldn't harm him. During those ten minutes of waiting for the pharmacy to open, I could only describe it as pure torture. I had the feeling of panic and wanted to run my child to the hospital, and then I was reminded that God has promised him a long full life. I knew He was in control and we just needed to wait.

The pharmacist said he would be perfectly fine, the flushing of his skin would pass, and he just needed to make sure to drink plenty of water to keep from dehydration.

It was a scary ten minutes, but he was completely fine. I thank God for the life of my son. Every day that I have with him is a precious gift.

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