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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colorado Springs

September has been a very busy, but very fun month. I'm not sure when things will quiet down; probably after Zech's birthday has passed. I love to stay busy. The only downside is that I don't have time to keep up on my blog. I feel like I keep saying this, but it's so true. Unfortunately, that's always the first thing I let go.

Zechariah's birthday is coming up next week, which means a big party, of course. I love to plan all the details and make sure that it will be a big success. I can't wait to share pictures with you of his Cars party. It's going to be SO much FUN!

Zech shares his birth month with his aunt Stefanie, my little sister. Stefanie has just recently moved to Colorado Springs to be a part of the DLA (Desperation Leadership Academy) for the next year. It's a very intense and challenging school that I am proud of Stefanie for joining. She is in for a long, but I'm certain fulfilling year of growing closer to God. I'm excited to hear all of her stories about what God is doing in and through her.

This past weekend, my mother, myself, and Zechariah all went to Colorado Springs to help Stefanie celebrate her 21st birthday. It's a big day and we didn't want to miss out on spending some of it with her.

Our days were packed with church, site seeing, church, eating, sleeping and driving! I'm really glad we went. It's always nice to be there, and see everything. Now when I talk to Stefanie I can picture what she'll be doing, and know the places she's at.

Our birthday dinner and then dessert later ...

While Stefanie is living in Colorado, she is staying with a host family. They are so wonderful! Gabe also has already taken a trip there when Stefanie first moved in, and came back with great esteem for the family.

If you're wondering about this picture, my sister can NEVER blow out all her candles. She always finds it too funny!

We had a wonderful time, and it went by too quickly. We were very sad to say goodbye again to Stefanie. I'll miss her lots, but at least we know she's only a 9 hour car ride away...
Happy Birthday, Sister! I love you!

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