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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Tonight our church had our annual Baptismal picnic at Shawnee Lake. The food there is always fantastic!

As soon as we got home, all three kids were complaining about how hungry they were. I didn't feel the least bit sorry for them, as they had plenty of opportunity to fill their bellies. They preferred playing to eating.

Gabe corrected me when I said all he ate was a couple of desserts. He had in fact had "some turkey and a patty." I thought this was kinda funny since it was actually chicken and hamburgers that were served. I have never referred to a hamburger as a patty before, but apparently someone around my child has. I'm just glad he's graduated from calling them "circle meat thingy's". In the past year we've tried to feed our children "normal" food so they don't miss out on the good things in life.

A little bit later we were still discussing Gabe's choice of food, and Titus assured me that he saw the plate that Gabe took, and he joked to a friend that it was a very well rounded meal, a piece of chicken and a hamburger. He was eating the good stuff!

Ariel heard this conversation, and told me in her know it all voice, "yeah, I agree with Dad. It was a very well rounded meal." She then proceeded to describe the shape of the chicken as being very circular, and the hamburger was also round.

I thought this was especially hilarious since we had just been having a conversation on the drive home from the lake about how much she had to learn in life, and how Titus and I have finally reached the point where we realize we will never know enough. That's not somewhere you get to easily. I remember being her age and feeling like I knew everything there was to know in the world...

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