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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Veggie Tales

"If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile, if you like to waltz with potatoes, up and down the produce aisle... Have we got a show for you! VeggieTales! Broccoli! Celery! Gotta be VeggieTales! Lima beans! Collard greens! Peachy keen! VeggieTales! Cauliflower! Sweet and sour! Half an hour! VeggieTales!There's never-ever-ever-ever-ever been a show like VeggieTales! It's time for VeggieTales!"

Larry and Bob from VeggieTales Veggie Tales

One of our ideas for summer fun was a Veggie Tales day thought up by Gabriel. Since Ariel is out of town for the week at Kid's Camp, Gabe is calling the shots. I was pretty stumped on what to do, however I have some awesome friends, and they came through for me. Most of our party was their ideas.

Our first Veggie fun was shopping for a new DVD! In August the Princess and The Popstar will be out on DVD, so today we preordered it. Right now Lifeway is offering the movie for only $10 and you get another DVD with 3 stories on it for FREE! That's a deal!

Just for fun we had an official Bob and Larry join the party. They weren't very talkative, but they sure do taste good! Their eyes are attached with Ranch dressing.

Bob Larry Veggie Tales
We filled our day with lots of movies, amongst a few activities. My kids are big fans, so we had plenty of options to choose from. After the first movie was over, we decided to get creative and make some macaroni art.

This was so easy, but especially fun for everyone. If you've never dyed macaroni before, it's simple. You mix 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, with 4 or 5 drops of food coloring. Add that to a ziploc full of 1 cup of macaroni, toss the bag around a little, and then allow them to dry. Once they're dry, you can make your art!

We were so impressed with our colored macaroni, we are going to have a grown-up girl night and make some macaroni jewelry. You can find all different shapes of noodles, and the colors are endless. It should be a fun time!

red green colored macaroni
Once our macaroni dried, we all drew pictures of Bob and Larry, and then set our mind to gluing.

I love all the details the "kids" put into their pictures!

macaroni art Bob Larry Veggie Tales
We alternated a few times between movie then craft, movie then lunch, movie then ... You get the idea. Another great addition to our party was Veggie Tales fruit snacks. The kids loved them! Personally I believe, Laura, the carrot, tastes the best... she's watermelon.

Veggie Tales fruit snacks
After all the inactivity of so many movies, we decided to stretch a little and exercise. We played hot potato to some Veggie Tales music. There are so many long pauses in the songs that it made it rather difficult to tell when to stop and when to keep going. But we still had fun!

Our last activity together was a time of story reading with Amanda. I read Larry Lights the Way, a story about finding your own special gift and learning to use it.

It was a great party, and I don't think we're going to need to watch another Veggie Tales movie for at least a few months... maybe until August when we go pick up our new DVD!

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