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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Just recently I was invited to a Mission Passport party. This is an organization designed to give work for women in Thailand who were once prostitutes. They hand make purses, jewelry and scarves. It’s really neat!

Ariel and I went to the party and at the end, they asked the typical, who wants to host a party question. There were no takers except for my daughter. She was practically bouncing out of her seat, volunteering for it. “I’ll do it! I want to have a party! I’ll do it! I want to do it!” I’m not sure if the lady didn’t hear Ariel, or if she didn’t take her seriously. I had to reassure the woman, that yes, my daughter could host a party. Ariel was ecstatic!

When we were getting ready to leave the party, Ariel turns to me and says, “So, Mom, what kind of party should we have?” She had no idea she was volunteering to do the exact same purse party again. She thought they were just looking for people to plan a party, and boy do we do a good job at that!

Mission Passport logo
I talked about Mission Passport earlier, but what I didn't say was that I went to the party empty handed. No checks left at all! My mom agreed to let me pay her back so I could still make my purchase. Last week, I was talking at dinner about how I keep forgetting to write her the check.

To which Gabriel replies to me in a sad tone of voice, shaking his head side to side, “Grandma is just using you for your money.”

I snickered at this because if anything, I’m using Grandma since I haven’t paid her back the money.

Gabe didn’t agree. He said back to me, “But what if she keeps wanting you to pay her back for things and ends up taking all your money.”

I told him that was the point. If I borrow money, I owe it back. So as long as I keep taking her money, she is going to keep wanting her money back. I even tried to explain that if anything, I am taking advantage of her. She is not using me!

He just wouldn’t give up on it. “But what if she really is? I think maybe she is!”

A week went by and I still didn’t remember to write her the check. Gabe overheard me telling his dad so he says to me very directly, “See! I told you she was just using you for your money!”

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