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Monday, June 27, 2011

Alphabet Hunt

This morning and into the afternoon, we gathered together with our friends and searched the museum trails for ABC's. We all put our thinking caps on and were extremely creative in coming up with all the letters. We had wonderful participation from everyone, and enjoyed ourselves along the way. We looked for things that started with the letter, or even actions that began with the letter. And for a precious few, we were able to spot the actual letter in nature. Our only rules were that it couldn't be a person's name, and we had to go in alphabetical order.

This is something we do each summer, and the kids always find it fun, but I believe it was actually the adults that got more into it this year. I always look forward to our hunt. There's something about using your brain creatively that I find extremely satisfying.

So without further ado, here's our Alphabet!

A is for AGUA

B is for BROKEN



E is for EAST

F is for FLOWERS

G is for GREEN and GRASS

H is for HANDS

I is for INSECT

insect photo
J is for JUICE

K is for KIDS (If you look closely, they are in the shape of the letter K too.)

L is for LILY holding the LOVE LEAF

M is for MOSS

N is for NIKE shoes

O is for the letter O

P is for PINK

pink flowers
Q is for QUIET (Shh)

R is for ROOF

S is for SOIL

T is for THE TRAIL

U is for UNDER the sign

V is for the letter V (If you look closely here, you can see the V is actually the head of a man who's holding a walking stick.)

W is for WOOD chips

X is for the letter X

Y is for the letter Y

Z is for ZIGZAG

1 comment:

  1. Loved looking at the pictures and reading about our fun-filled day, Amanda! Brighton and I had a great time!!

    Michelle :)



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