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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wings of Love

Wow! We spent an amazing morning at the library, and all I can say now is, I'm so sad my daughter is out of town. She would have loved the show we just watched. It was full of birds! There were birds of all different feathers, and all different tricks. I'm not a huge fan of birds, in fact I'm afraid of them. However, I still really enjoyed the show. The room was filled with spellbound children. You could see the awe on their faces, and it was beautiful.

Today was Blockbuster Wednesday at the library, and the show was called Wings of Love. It featured different birds of the rainforest, including Tiki Toco toucan. This was the first time I've ever seen a real live toucan. He was such a beautiful bird and a little ornery as he kept being put back in his cage. There were a few parrots in the show, the main one Uala. He did lots of tricks from bowling, to playing basketball, to riding a bike. All were extremely entertaining and funny to watch. What amazed me the most was the personality that the birds each exhibited. It was such a fun morning!

Milonga, the lory, break-danced and drove a fire truck for us.

The show featured lots of audience participation. All the kids wanted a chance to pass the red barrier line on the floor to be a part of the tricks. This one below was a contest between two of the parrots to see which one could pull off the hat first. The blue macaw won!

Uala (pronounced U-ala) is a boy cockatoo who stole the show away. He was full of tricks and kept trying to get away with things. He constantly was getting off of his perch, and disobeying Yvonne. She would kindly tell him to get back up, and he would obey. But a little later, he would get down again. It was like witnessing a conversation between a two year old and their parent.

My favorite part of the show was the owls. They are such beautiful birds. I might be a bit prejudice as they symbolize my favorite music artist, Owl City. Each owl took a turn flying back to their perch. They have such a large wingspan; it was easy to be impressed by them.

The second owl didn't make it back to his perch right away. The crowd must have been too large, or he couldn't pick his perch out well enough because he circled the crowd and then flew out into the hallway of the library. Can you imagine being out there and suddenly have an enormous owl flying straight at you? Terrifying.

It was frightening enough having the owl fly over our heads, but at the same time it was quite thrilling. They are such magnificent creatures.

After Swoop flew out into the hallway, he was able to try the trick again, and this time he made it back to his perch without any trouble.

After leaving the show, I couldn't help but look up online to see where they would be appearing next. Since Ariel is out of town this week at church camp, I was extremely sad that she missed out. I highly recommend checking out the Wings of Love schedule to see when they will be in your area. You won't be disappointed!

Owl City All Things Bright and Beautiful
Just for fun, I had to make a Owl City picture. I really couldn't pass up the opportunity, Swoop posed beautifully for my photo. It's less than one week and I will be partying at Owl City's concert. I can't wait! The new CD All Things Bright and Beautiful is wonderful.

I wanted to include Adam's explanation for his newest song, my favorite, Galaxies. And just in case you've never heard Galaxies on Air1...

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