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Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Women Fear

I'm back with more questions from the book, What Women Fear by Angie Smith. A couple months ago, I posted questions from the first five chapters of the book. I had been doing this as a book study with my friends, and I wanted to share our discussion questions. These are not be used alone. They are for diving into the book a little deeper, and striking more intimate authentic conversation with your friends.

You really need to purchase the book for yourself! These questions are only to be used a supplement, not to take the place of reading the book.

What Women Fear by Angie Smith questions for discussion

Chapter 6 - The First Stone

"As His hand moves, we all have the same question burning in our minds. Lord Jesus, what do You say to a sinner like me?" (Smith 106).
What do you think Jesus wrote on the ground for all to see? What do you think Jesus might write on the ground for you?

When was the first time you knew God was real? When did you invite Him into your life?

"Sometimes the hard part isn't setting it down and surrendering it, but rather resisting the urge to go back to it over and over again" (Smith 114).
Do you have peace about your past or are you reliving those sins again and again?

"Fill yourself with verses that speak to temptations you often face, and then commit them to memory... You don't have to be held captive, a prisoner of sin." (Smith 114).
Is there anything you want to be held accountable for?

Chapter 7 - Benefactors

"Suppose it were opening night of my great play and I was allowed to invite anyone I want to come and see me... I want to have people there whose judgment of me is important" (Smith 121).
Who have you placed in the front row of your audience? Who are you performing for?

"I've concluded that the basic barrier to relying on God for our sense of significance is that in a practical, every day, standing-on stage kind of way, He can seem like the One in the back of the auditorium taking notes on your performance but never clapping" (Smith 123).
Do you struggle with feeling significant to God? If yes, why do you think that is?

Are you being obedient to what God has called you to do?

"We sit at the table and we look at those around us with eyes of competition and jealousy. We wrongly believe that we are in a race with them for the affection of our Savior and the praise of our fellow man" (Smith 129).
Do you ever feel that you are in a race for God's affection?

"Jesus is clear in saying that we are not to be benefactors, lording over others, but rather servants who consider themselves nothing" (Smith 129).
Who are you trying to be, a benefactor or a servant? What evidence in your life backs that up?

Chapter 8 - Appointed

Have you ever been afraid to truly trust His plan for you without something else on which to fall back?

Do we have a right to be angry about tragedies and that which clearly seems to be an injustice?

"What if we deliberately made the Lord a part of our hours and not just our hour of need?" (Smith 140).
Is God part of every area of your life? Or are there places you don't let Him go? Do you live moment-by-moment with Him? Or is it crisis-to-crisis?

What is one new area you can invite God "in" for?

"God knew Jonah's heart, so He did something drastic, something epic, something that to the naked eye looks like a tragedy, and He used it for His glory.... Many times in my life I have seen an obstacle as the enemy, but looking back now I see it was an appointed mercy" (Smith 143).
What obstacle have you faced lately that turned into an "appointed mercy"?

Chapter 9 - Beginning to Sink

Have you ever asked, "God, are you even real? Or... do you even care about me?

How have you experienced God personally for yourself? -in the last six months?

"If you have not seen Him the way others have, it may be because you are still in the boat, a mere observer to the miracles others have experienced" (Smith 160).
Are you still in the boat, a mere observer, or have you stepped out and saw His miracles?

Chapter 10 - The Scroll of Remembrance

Do you have someone in your life, father or not, who you can trust and "fear"? Someone you can admire and respect?

"I believe we should not only fear God in the sense that we revere Him, but also in the old "I am shaking in my boots in your presence, God" kind of way. I think we make a huge mistake by not being afraid enough of God" (Smith 169).
Do you have a fear of God? Or are you too comfortable in His presence?

The evidence of our fear is obedience - so how well do you obey Him?

Are you serving God in the midst of your fears? How have you been rewarded for it?

I highly recommend this book to you. It's a great investment! Questions for Chapters One Through Five

All quotes taken from: Smith, Angie. (2011). What Women Fear. Nashville, Tennessee: B & H Publishing Group

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! My Moms with Moms group just started this book for our study this year. These questions will come in handy for us as we explore this book together!



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