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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Sister

In the past year, we have started a new family tradition. It was inspired by another family that my sister is close with. Sometime during the birthday we go around taking turns saying what we like about the person or what we're thankful for. It's always nice to find new ways to celebrate the life of those you love.

Last month was my sister, Stefanie's birthday, and I wanted to share my thoughts here. She is an amazing woman, that I am privileged to call sister.


hows spiritual maturity way beyond her years.

Trusts God no matter how big, how small, or hard it is.

Earnestness to be a blessing to those around her.

Friend first, sister second.

An example others desire to follow.

Not afraid to tell you when you're wrong.

Integrity lived out to the fullest.

Esteemed and admired by me.

The current picture is over a year old! I guess it's time for a more recent photo of the two of us! We are 8 years apart in age. You can't tell anymore, can you?


  1. I am so blessed by this. And by you. :) I seriously could not ask for a better sister. I love you!!!

    1. Isn't it amazing how much we look alike in the pictures? I never realized it before. :) I love you too!



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