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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A to Z Treasure Hunts : Avocado

Written and Illustrated by Gabe. As always with Gabriel's stories, if you like what you read, please give him a click on the title. He is constantly requesting to hear how many times his stories have been read. He's making this a series of books, hence the name A to Z Treasure Hunts. This is the first book, letter A. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the alphabet treasure hunts!

If you've read any of Gabe's previous stories, you can see that he is greatly improving in his writing skills. This is his first book that he's written using a thesaurus. I am very proud of him. He is learning and improving with every story he writes. I believe if he continues to pursue it, he has the potential to achieve his dream of becoming a published author someday.


Chapter 1
To The Store

Lucy and Josh run to the store with their mom. They go to the vegetable and fruit section. Lucy and Josh say, "Mom, can we get strawberries?"

Their mom says, "No, but you can get avocados."

"Ew. Gross." said Lucy.

Then the mom demanded, "You are eating avocados for dinner and that's final."

Chapter 2
Into Our Dinner

"How's the avocados?" the mom asked sweetly.

"Great!" Lucy answered happily.

Josh took a bite and said, "Yummy!"

Then the dad asked, "Do you want me to cook another one?"

"Sure!" Lucy and Josh responded. Then they split an avocado.

Lucy took a bite and vanished. Then the dad said, "Where did Lucy go?"

Later Josh said, "Can I eat her avocado?"

"Go ahead," answered the dad.

Josh took a bite and vanished also. Josh fell down into the avocado's juice. He landed next to Lucy. They started swimming in the avocado juice so they wouldn't drown.

Chapter 3
The Avocado Pit

Soon after the fall they grew tired of swimming. Something happened that stopped them from quitting. Bits of avocado flesh started falling out of the sky. That meant their mom or dad picked up the avocado. The pressure from picking it up had made some of the flesh fall near them. They were about to be eaten by their own parents! So they swam and swam and swam until they pulled themselves out of the juice and onto the avocado pit.

Chapter 4
A Door in an Avocado

Lucy and Josh were walking around impatiently waiting for their parents to see them. They observed a door.

Chapter 5
King Vocado

Lucy and Josh opened the mysterious door that led to the inside of the pit. Five million pounds of coins were in the room of the unexpected door. Suddenly a metal magnet shot towards them and grabbed them both. King Vocado was standing there holding the chain that connected to the metal magnet.

Chapter 6
Happy Ending

Lucy thought she was stuck, but she wasn't. Only Josh was magnetized.

Above the avocado was their parents speaking to each other. The dad said sternly, "What is wrong with this avocado?"

"When the kids took a bite they disappeared," said the mom frightfully. The dad stabbed a knife into the pit of the avocado.

Down in the pit of the avocado, Lucy saw something shiny. She jumped at it, and pushed herself off the other side towards King Vocado. He fell over. He didn't have any arms, so he couldn't get up. Lucy got the metal magnet. Josh was set free from the metal magnet.
They climbed up the knife while Lucy was still holding onto the metal magnet. The magnet grabbed the treasure and they accidentally took the treasure with them. Lucy and Josh were out of the avocado. Suddenly, coins started flying out of the avocado. The mom opened her mouth in surprise and said, "We are millionaires." They never ate an avocado again.

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