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Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

One of my favorite stores is Goodwill. I love to shop there! I always find the best deals and the best things. If you remember a year ago, I got an American girl doll for my daughter for only $1.99. And at Christmas I found Gabriel a huge castle worth a couple hundred, for only $30. If I'm ever feeling down, this is my favorite place to go. I find such wonderful treasures there!

This time I found Zech a handmade quiet book for only 59 cents! I could have saved myself the trouble if I'd only known... Once I get it all fixed up I'll share some pictures with you. There were just a few things that were broken on the book, but I know how to fix it!

Last week, Zechariah found himself a new treasure, a pirate boat for $2. It was like new and seemed hardly played with. As soon as we brought it home I explained that I needed to clean it up a bit just to make it new again.

When Grandma came over a couple hours later, Zech raced to show off his new toy.

"My boat!" He said excitedly. Then in a very serious tone, "It had worms all over it but Mommy cleaned them off!"

After some confusion, I explained, "yes, Mommy cleaned all the 'germs' off of it."

The concept was still difficult for Zechariah. He was certain he bought it new at the store and no one had touched it before. I tried to tell him that some other person played with it for awhile, and when they were done that's the store you bring it to.

He seemed appalled. "I will never be done with my boat. I want to keep it forever!"

The next day, Titus was off of work, and we were celebrating. It was income tax refund day. We all were going to buy a new toy for ourselves. When I told Zech he could pick something out fun, he got upset again.

"No, Mommy. I said I want to keep it forever. I don't want a new toy. I still not done with my boat. I don't want to give it back."

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