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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bird That Got Ariel

If you remember a few weeks ago, I promised that more would be coming from the very talented and special author, Gabriel, my son. So without further adieu, here's a brand new, hot off the press story, written and illustrated by Gabriel.

The Bird That Got Ariel
Dedicated to Ariel
drawing of blue bird
Once upon a time there was a bird. It was probably having a good day. Just sitting there on a tree. With a mother and a father. Like the nicest family of all. The father on the left. The mother on the right. The main bird in the middle of the tree. And a great big mountain behind them.

But one night the bird had a nightmare that the parents would die. She went to sleep with her mother after the nightmare.

The next day it was even worse then a nightmare. The nightmare came true. A human came over and shot the mother's leg off and shot the father's head off. The bird was in the middle of the tree so she was safe but sad.

It was getting close to Christmas. It was in 32 days. The bird decorated the tree and said, "Sweet."

The day of Christmas was going to be good. She saw over 100 presents stacked. She was excited to open one of her presents. She saw a present 20 times as tall as her. She opened it. It was a girl named Ariel. "I don't have to spend Christmas alone," she said in a shout. Then they became best friends forever.

1 comment:

  1. I was very sad to hear that the bird's parents died. :( However, it turned out to be a great ending!! Another great book Gabe!



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