Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To all the men in my life who are great fathers... this is a day that we celebrate you! It's a day that we acknowledge all that you do for us, and are reminded that we wouldn't want to live without you.

I have three men that I greatly respect and care for. I first have my father, then brother, and of course my husband. They all are great examples of how to work hard and be committed. They are protectors, providers, and leaders. They have insight and give counsel. They also know how to be a friend. I appreciate all of them in ways that words cannot express.

Father's day craft homemade DIY camera card
This year, my children put together and planned everything for Father's Day. They have finally reached an age of independence, and the love they have for their dad was expressed beautifully this year.

Ariel woke up early to prepare her father an exquisite breakfast. She made green (his favorite color) pancakes which I helped cook for her in the shape of hearts. The sausage was also made into hearts by her special touch.

Each of the children used their own money to purchase a gift for their dad. Gabe used a month of "vacuuming money" to get his dad 3 boxes of candy. Ariel found her dad a Star Trek book, and Zech picked out some Oreo cookies.

After church we had a BBQ at a park, and the kids put together a treasure hunt eventually leading the father's home to our house for some ice cream sundaes. At the playground we all took turns running the jungle gym obstacle course, with Titus coming in 1st place with only 29 seconds. It was definitely a day to remember!

The "Napoleon Dynamite" pose

Happy Father's Day!

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