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Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Zechariah and I are always going back and forth about what our kisses taste like. I will tell him his kisses are yummy, and he will say mine are yucky. He enjoys teasing me.

On Saturday night I was giving him a kiss, and he wiped it off telling me my kisses were dirty. I gave him a pouty face, to which he responded, “Later your kisses will be yummy.”

I waited awhile before kissing him, and tried again. This time he told me, “No, tomorrow your kisses will be cute, at church.”

So the next day, after we had been at church for awhile, I remembered his promise and reminded him. He very sweetly stuck out his cheek for me, smiling. When I had finished kissing him, I asked him where his kisses were. I wanted one.

He very sadly shook his head and replied, “My kisses is all gone. I need to go buy more.”

It’s amazing what that boy will do to tease me and try to rob me of my kisses!

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