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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Adventures of Lollipop Dragon

Last night was our turn to have Lollipop Dragon spend the night with us. What a treat! All of the kids in Gabriel's 1st grade class get their name put in a drawing for Lollipop Dragon, and yesterday Gabe was the lucky name drawn. There is a notebook that comes with Lollipop that the kids are supposed to document what adventures they have together. Today at school, Gabriel will get to read his page in the notebook, and share with the class what fun they had. I thought it would be even more exciting to make a photo journal of our adventures with Lollipop.

The Adventures of Lollipop Dragon
Here is Gabe's page from the notebook. All of the previous children made a numbered list, so Gabe followed their example. I will translate it for you since it is a little difficult to understand.

1st We went to pick up Dad from work.

2nd We did our homework.

3rd We played on the DS.

4th We played outside.

5th Lollipop Dragon met Flames. (This is Gabe's Webkinz dragon.)

6th I read to Lollipop Dragon a story.

7th We watched a movie. (I Love Lucy episode)

8th We ate dinner.

9th We bought some lollipops at the market. (Lollipop is special because he shoots lollipops instead of flames. We thought it would be fun for Lollipop to buy some lollipops to share with Gabe's class at school)

Lollipop even helped check them out at the register. Gabe made me carry Lollipop into the store since he is pink, and he was too embarrassed to be seen holding a pink toy. In the privacy of our own home, Gabe treated the dragon with the utmost respect.

10th We went downstairs to help get ready for the garage sale. (It's tomorrow! It's actually more like a kid sale; Ariel is in charge. She's trying to raise money for church camp this summer. Almost everything is kid stuff: toys, clothes, books, movies, puzzles, games etc.)

11th We go to bed. (I snuck into Gabe's room and took this picture while he was sleeping.)

12th We go to school.

This was such a unique idea to have Lollipop spend the night with all the children. We really enjoyed our turn. Gabe is certain that Lollipop Dragon had the most fun with our family.

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