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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Mario World

Gabriel latest obsession is playing Super Mario Bros, so it was pretty obvious this year what kind of a birthday party he was going to have. I remembered playing the game when I was young, but I don't have much to do with computer games these days. It was a little bit of an adventure and a trip down memory lane to get prepared for Gabe's birthday party this year.

super Mario bros party invitationTo start off every party that I plan, I try to come up with a creative invitation. It's always the key to my party, and I love to put details into it that make it more than just a simple piece of paper. Many of our recent party invitations have been 3 dimensional objects because it's so much more fun. I came up with these origami stars, and spent several hours with my husband's help folding and creating the invincible star invitation. And just for fun, I tried to add some plastic coins to everything.

origami star super mario bros invitation
super mario bros cloud birthday bannerI decided this year to go for some really simple party games but very elaborate decorations. I really enjoy getting ready for a birthday party, but I don't always enjoy hosting the party. If the games are too complex or need too many directions, I don't feel like I get to spend anytime just celebrating with my son. This party was a big success for me because it was practically effortless on my part... hosting the party that is.

super Mario bros wall decorationsI put several hours into the decorations, working on creating a scene you might find in the game. I wanted the kids to feel like they walked into Super Mario World.

super Mario bros party decorations
I got a little carried away making different characters and ended up running out of room on my Mario wall. I had to add some of the characters and things to various other places in the house.

ba-bomb decoration
Yoshi wall decoration
mushroom wall decoration super mario brosIn the spirit of keeping it simple, we played "Pin the Mustache on Mario." Everyone already knows how to play; so all you have to do is wait your turn.

pin the mustache on mario
Yoshi egg hunt super mario brosGabriel wanted to be able to pick out prizes for his party, so we did a Yoshi egg hunt. I know the eggs are supposed to be white with green spots, but plastic Easter eggs don't seem to come in that color. We switched it up a little! The kids all got to run wild in Gabe's room hunting for eggs.

My kids just can't seem to have a party these days without a piñata! It was the first game that Gabe asked to have at the party. I thought it would be nice to copy our invitation and make the Mario star.

star pinata super mario brosI think this was lost on everyone at the party, but what better candy to have in a Star piñata then Starburst?

Every party that I plan, I like to make something special for each of the guests to take home with them, to kinda remember the party by. In year's past, we've done armor of God, butterfly wings, aprons, and matching bandanas. This time I found a pattern online and sewed Mario hats for each of the kids. I also made one Luigi hat for Zech to use for his costume. The hats were a big hit for most of the kids. They wore them the whole entire time. And since a couple of the kids didn't want their hat, some of us adults wore them instead!

Super mario hats for party guestsGabe's party was supposed to take place the weekend before, however he was sick with a fever, so we had to postpone a week. It ended up working out to our advantage because I purchased some party mustaches from China and they hadn't arrived. They ended up getting here just in time for the postponed party. Everyone complained about the itchiness and how uncomfortable they were, but I think they made some fun party pictures!

My mom always makes the cakes for our parties. She did a great job on Mario!

Super Mario birthday cake

It's Party Time!

mario bros costume I couldn't resist taking a few family photos with us all dressed up in our Mario attire. We all got new Mario shirts for the occasion.

Mario Luigi party costumes birthdayZechariah's facial expressions are so funny in each photo. I really wonder what's going on in his mind.
Mario Luigi party costumes birthday
Mario Luigi party costumes birthday
Mario Luigi party costumes birthdayGabe really enjoyed being Mario!

Mario Luigi party costumes birthday
Mario Luigi party costumes birthday
Mario Luigi party costumes birthday

All of Gabe's friends that were able to make it to the party!

Gabe wanted to start his party watching some Mario episodes on TV, while they all worked on some coloring sheets.

Gabe's friend here was the first one to put his mustache on Mario, and he also ended up being the winner of the game! I think he should have won a prize too, because he was the ONLY person who kept his mustache on the entire party!

I love that even with his eyes open; Zech places his mustache on Mario's belly!

pin the mustache on super mario
I build my piñatas a little too strong. I always say I'm not going to do it the next time, but each time I think it needs more layers. The string broke three times before we could bash open our piñata.

Ariel's getting ready for a swing!

We needed someone a little stronger to give a good hard hit!

Something funny here, Gabe chose a few paint sets that he wanted to do for prizes and I put them in the piñata because they didn't fit in Yoshi's eggs. However after being beaten with a bat, most of the glass covers on the paint sets where completely shattered! I'm making a mental note for next time. No plastic in a piñata!

After waiting an entire extra week for his party, he was really happy for the day to finally have come!

Happy 7th Birthday, Gabriel!

I had to post this photo too. After the party was over, I had to get my grocery shopping done and the kids were all left with dad. Apparently, Zech got a little hungry! He got in big trouble for doing this, but who could blame him? Half a cake left just sitting on the table? Yum Yum!

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  1. Isaias had fun at the party...and he told me he didn't wanna wear his hat cause he didn't wanna look silly. He wore it most of that evening, and even on Monday when we went out too! I think the hat was a great party favor. :)




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