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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Risk of Love

The risk of love is that of being unreturned.
For if I love too deep, too hard, too long,
and you love me little, or you love me not at all
then is my treasure given, gone, flown away lonely.

But if you give me back
passion for my passion,
return for my burning,
add your own dark fire to flame my heart
this is love perfect,
hot, round, augmented, whole, endless, infinite,
and is it fear that flies.

-Luci Shaw

"Intimacy is very risky. No doubt about it. If I reach out to a woman to whom I am drawn, she may reject me. If I tell a woman that I love her, that I cherish her as a friend she may respond a little (or not at all). If I open my soul to another, trusting her with my dark side of failure, she may draw back in shocked silence (or she may tell others). Risky. Risky. Risky."

the friendships of women dee brestin

This is the opening of the chapter in a book study I'm doing with a couple of my close girl friends. It's titled, The Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin.

As I was reading the chapter today I found those words to be very profound. Friendships can be one of the most troubling and risky things you have to deal with, but also one of the most beneficial relationships that you can experience.

I find myself on a pendulum swing going back and forth, thinking it's worth the risk, and then on other days it's just not.

Today was one of those times that I wish I would have stepped out and run the risk. At times I find myself really drawn to a certain person but because of my own insecurities, I don't reach out. I may have saved myself from the danger today; however I cheated myself from the possible benefit for tomorrow.

I'm going to keep this very short and simple today. Friendship is such a vital thing in our lives that we can't be timid and afraid of what the other person might think. We must reach out for others and pray that they will reach back. If they don't reach back, don't be discouraged. There is so many circumstances that we aren't even aware of that may be the reason for them holding back.

Risk it all. Love your friends. Don't hold back yourself because of fear. Friendship is worth a little bit of pain sometimes in order to have that gratification that comes when someone returns your love.

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