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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walking With Jesus

This morning I awoke to a messy house, full of toys, dirty dishes, clothes, wrapping paper trash, and various other items strewn around. For the past two holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), I've spent a portion of my time visiting the Clinic at Wal-Mart. (Thank you, God, for the quick, no wait, visits they offer.) I spent the entire day after Christmas, lying on the couch, medicated. I was blessed to have my husband at home to take care of the children and myself.

Today, the reality set in as I was starting to feel better. My house was a complete disaster. Unfortunately, my Mom level was very low.

I was cranky! I was mean! And I was just not fun to be around this morning.

After a very agonizing time of getting my house back into a functional level of normalcy, I took my kids to the store. My husband is turning 30 in just a couple days, and we needed supplies.

We were in the craft store, when one of the kids spotted a bag of Sour Patch candy, and on it listed a "One million dollar challenge" instant win game.

sour patch win a million dollars
Ariel started to talk about what she would buy with her million dollars. She was generously going to share $100 with each of us in the family. I tried to explain to her that it was basically like throwing us pennies when she was so rich. This all brought about the most interesting conversation. What would we each do with all that money?

For a long time now, Gabe has had this idea that God gave him. When my kids read their Bible through for the first time, my mother will pay them $150. Gabe has always had a desire for generosity. He came up with the idea several months ago, but now with the chance at winning a million instead of just $150, the idea has been renewed in his mind on a much larger scale.

He's going to give all the money away for Jesus. He's planning to go door to door asking people whether they are poor, medium, or rich. If they are rich, he's not going to give them anything because they don't need it. If they are medium (just okay), they will receive $50. If they are poor they'll get $100, and finally if they're really poor, like they only have a couple dollars left, they'll get $1000. Everyone will be required to show their money, so that Gabe knows if they're lying or not.

As a treat for obeying on our errands, we were planning to stop at Little Caesars for a $5 pizza. It was on the way that Gabe asked me if I would turn off the radio; he wanted to pray. We had total silence in the car. After a few seconds, Zech questioned when he was going to start.

He had been praying in his head silently. He wanted to have world peace, and world peace begins when people are quiet. I chuckled a little to myself, as I pulled into the parking lot. I told the kids to quickly unbuckle so we could be back on our way home to eat. It was going to be a very late lunch. This time Gabe asked if we could stop and pray together before we went inside. How could I say no to that?

Dear Jesus. Please help Ariel to win the money so we can give to the poor. Rich people get nothing, just okay people get 50 dollars, and poor people get 100, and really poor people get 1000. I want to show people that you love them. Thank you that I had such a great morning. And thank you that I got my family and that I exist. Amen.

After he was finished, he told the rest of us we could join in with his prayer. Everyone in the car took a turn. It was spontaneous and very poignant. It brought tears to my eyes. I found my crankiness melt away with the power of his prayers. I couldn't be frustrated or uptight any longer. It was like a breath of fresh air had just wafted into the room. I could breath deeply and clearly again with an attitude of peace.

Today walking with Jesus meant following in my child's footsteps, going along for the ride with him. Do I believe my son will be going door to door soon, handing out his million dollars? No, probably not. In fact, I know he won't. When we arrived at home we discovered the contest is already over. He won't have his chance today. But I do believe that when God puts a desire in your heart, He will help you accomplish it in some way or another. Gabe may not be giving away millions, but he can give away what he has. He's already asked for jobs to do around the house. He wants to scale down his gift to cents now. I believe if we are obedient in the small things, God will use it in big ways. Thank you, Gabe, for inspiring me!

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