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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Your kids will always be close with those you are the closest with. I have a good friend who means a lot to me, and it shows to my children. We spend time with her, we talk about her, and the most relevant for right now, I talk to her on the phone a lot.

Every time I get a phone call, Zechariah knows I'm probably talking to my friend, Rachael. I guess it's only natural that he would assume everyone talks to my friend Rachael on the phone.

One night at dinner, my husband got a call from work, and Zech's question was, "Daddy, you talkin' to Rachael?"

Another time Grandma was over making Christmas projects, when her phone rang. Again, Zech assumed, "You talkin' to Rachael, Grandma?"

Just this week, I overheard my son talking on a book of stamps. Considering he's only four, he doesn't own his own cell phone yet. He found the next best thing, a used book of stamps, picked it up and pretended it was a phone. I chuckled when I heard him say, "Hi Rachael. You my best friend." (I didn't even know he knew what a best friend was.) Then he yelled to me in the next room, "Mommy, I talkin' to Rachael on the phone."

(Rachael and Zech a few years ago...)

Your friends will have a huge impact on your children. Make sure they're making a good one. Fortunately, Rachael is a great role model for my kids. I have no worries at all when she is around, and Zechariah can talk to her on the phone as much as he wants.

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