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Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

About a week ago, my son brought up the topic of marriage with me. He wondered why his aunt was not married yet, and eventually came to the conclusion that she was still too young.

I told him that wasn't true. I explained to him that when I was my sister's age I had already been married for 3 years and was having my second child. He still seemed baffled as to why she didn't have a husband.

I went on to tell him that she just hadn't found the right man yet. The timing is different for everyone and sometimes you don't meet your spouse until you are much older than high school.

He guffawed at that. "That's funny, I already found the right girl and I'm only seven."

If only it was so simple.

Looking for single, handsome, strong Christian men in their early twenties; any takers?

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