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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I love seeing the faith of a child. It always brings me closer to God when I see Him working in them. Yesterday Gabriel asked me, “Mom, can I write in my prayer journal. I really feel like a prayer.” Every morning before we leave for school, we all write down a prayer in our prayer journal, then we take turns praying. I think it helps us all start the day off right, and it encourages the kids to write, and talk to God. I was so touched to have him ask me when it wasn’t even a school day. His prayer was just thanking God that he was able to play a new Mario game on the computer. It’s so encouraging to see that Gabe is noticing the good things in life as a gift from God.

Seeing Gabe’s faith reminded me of another time a few months back. We had to call a plumber because our bathroom sink was backing up. Yuck! The plumber has an apprentice who usually works along beside him. For some reason on this day, he had the young man do the job himself. It was pretty hot outside, so the plumber took a seat on our couch to wait. Of course, Gabriel was there to entertain him.

The part that stood out to me was how comfortable Gabe was in sharing about God. He brought out his new Veggie Tales Bible and explained that he likes to read it all the time. He tried quoting him the books of the Bible, and even turned a few pages for him.

The most interesting part was a conversation he had with him about Jesus. He told him Jesus was his friend, and he liked to sleep with him at night. He said, “I just climb into my bed and hold open the covers. I wait a little bit, and then when Jesus gets in, I put the blanket back down. And he sleeps with me.”

It’s so beautiful to see the faith of my child. I am certain that Gabe is absolutely correct. Jesus is always with him, and I’m sure, that yes, he does climb into bed with Gabriel. If only the rest of us knew all the times that Jesus is with us!

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