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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Last night we were all enjoying as a family some music at "Concert on the Lot". This was a youth event for our church, and Titus was playing with the final band of the evening. We all had so much fun, and the night was perfect! They had some concessions there, and I made sure the kids knew ahead of time so they could bring their own money to make their own purchases. It makes you feel good to know you've worked hard and earned the money for that special treat you just bought.

Gabe spent his money right away before the concert had even begun. So needless to say, for the rest of the night he was a little hungry and begged on several occasions for more food. About half way through the evening I heard him tell the woman who was handling the money, "Jesus really wants you to give that candy to me for free." I'm not so sure trying to manipulate others into doing what you want by using Jesus name is a good idea. Actually I'm certain it's a bad idea.

When the show was completely over, we were all packing up getting ready to head home. Gabe had a few friends that were there and one of them was kind enough to share a piece of candy with him. His response to his friend was pretty funny. "Thank you. You're doing just what Jesus wants you to do. Giving to the poor."

So proud of my rock star husband! He was humoring me with this picture.

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