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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meet Molly: An American Girl

Meet Molly, another very special American Girl! Molly McIntire is a girl growing up during the difficult days of World War II. 

I love that American Girl has released each historical character's set of 6 books into one convenient hardback book. I don't know if they still have the books in print, but I do know you can find them inexpensively on Amazon and Ebay if you don't mind used books. This makes it much easier to collect them all. In the past months, I have been able to purchase them all! I feel like a kid again, excited to read my favorite stories.

These past few days, I have worked on turning Molly into a fun coloring page too. This always takes hours and hours of time, and I've dedicated most of my days to getting this coloring sheet perfect. I think the hard work has paid off and it is worth it to see this beautiful picture ready to color. In the future, as I read more of the story collections, I will be turning each girl into a coloring sheet. You can check back later for more pages!

Free American Girl coloring pages Molly McIntire

To tell you a little about Molly, I copied these words from American Girl Wiki which tells you a little about her stories...

To Molly, World War II is mostly a distant inconvenience in her daily life; it is only when she is introduced to Emily Bennett that she sees that the war is truly affecting other people. She is not very good at math (especially multiplication), hates turnips, and is afraid to swim underwater. She struggles with her looks later in the series, as she wants to look different with curls. Molly is a great tap dancer. In the book, she was the best dancer in her class, even over Alison. Molly misses her father very much. Even though she loves her parents, she often finds it hard to get along with her siblings, often getting into disagreements. Molly also finds it hard to get along with Alison, and even Emily Bennett at one point in the story because of their differences. She always wants to be original, and is obsessed with glamour, especially from England. Molly is a big schemer, often the ring leader when she and her friends make plans. Molly's mom calls her a "chatterbox," in comparison to Emily. She is prone to daydreaming and fanciful ideas. 

If case you haven't seen the books I was talking about, you can buy Molly's Story Collection on Amazon. This is such a great deal to get all 6 of Molly's beloved books in one convenient hardback book!

Molly's Story Collection book American Girl

Who is your favorite American Girl?

Interested in some more American Girl coloring pages?

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