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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I Love You

For several years my family has been involved in child sponsorship. Child sponsorship is a type of ministry in which a charitable organization associates a donor sponsor with a particular child. The money can go towards the child's food, home life, school books, medications, and many more things. There are some really good child sponsorship organizations out there, World Vision and Compassion International are just a couple. Throughout the years we have sponsored several different kids. Already we have had one of our children graduate from the program where the need was no longer necessary. This was incredibly difficult to say goodbye, as we write letters to each other several times a year. You get to know the kids very well through the written word and photos. 

Through another organization, Hope Generation, we have grown to love a child who I am very proud to call my daughter. This child sponsorship program is EXTRA SPECIAL and holds my heart! Hope Generation has a child sponsorship program which allows you to partner with a child from the Home of Hope orphanage in Bangladesh. This orphanage provides a home for children without parents or children whose guardian can no longer care for them. The goal is not simply to rescue. They provide a beautiful home, Godly mentors, nutrition and medical aid, a full English education, life skills and, most importantly, an environment where they can know and grow in God. Currently, the Home of Hope has over 100 children.  Sponsoring a child through Hope Generation lets you be a part of raising up this generation. 

My sponsorship of my daughter, Naomee, has completely changed me. I have never been able to meet her face to face, but we meet in our letters each week, and give each other love across thousands of miles. She calls me mom, and I consider her one of my own. My heart is deeply connected to hers. We have exchanged many letters through the years. I cherish every single letter.  I read them over and over again. I have photos of her displayed all over my home. I talk about her with my friends. I read sweet things she has written to me to my family. Someday, my dream is to go visit her. I long to see her face to face, where I can finally give her a hug and let her know just how much she means to me. 

Naomee is an artist. In each letter she sends, I get a drawing of some kind. She has beautiful penmanship and writes English very well. In her last letter that she sent to me, she included some very detailed drawings for each member of the family. They were a gift for Valentine's day. Each was a little different and personalized for the member it belonged to.

I thought it was time I shared some coloring pages made by my daughter Naomee. Both of my daughters are very talented when it comes to drawing. They are creative and artistic. I love it! Each page was drawn with love by Naomee. She did an AMAZING job! I love her so much!

You can feel free to use the coloring pages for your own PERSONAL use.  But please be kind and do not claim these pictures as your own or offer them for downloads.  Please feel free instead to post a link to right back here.

I love you coloring page

I love you coloring page

I love you coloring page

I love you coloring page

I love you coloring page

I love you coloring page

My heart is for kids and always will be
I love you, Naomee.

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