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Monday, March 5, 2018

Prayer Ball for Kids

One of my favorite ways to pray with kids is using our special prayer ball. It gets the kids a little bit of activity while spending time with Jesus. We use the prayer ball as a game. They all LOVE it! You can see from the photos my ball is getting old and worn. The letters are not quite as bright and clear as when I originally drew them onto the ball. This ball has had LOTS of use!

All the kids sit or stand in a circle. I usually start the ball rolling, so to speak. I throw it up in the air and catch it myself. Wherever my right thumb lands, I will pray for that thing. After I say a prayer, I toss it to another kid in the circle. They take a turn praying for something else... wherever their right thumb touches. If the kids are left handed then they will typically catch with their left hand, and they pray for whatever their left thumb is touching. Or if their thumb is not touching anything, they choose the closest thing to it, or what it is pointing to.

The topics are broad on the ball and the kids get to choose how they feel God is leading them to pray. You can see from the above picture my thumb is pointing towards "safety and protection." I could pray for safety for myself, or I could ask God who I should pray about this for. Sometimes a specific person will come to mind. If nobody does, I will ask the kids in the circle if anyone would like prayer for the thing chosen. There is always someone who needs it or wants it.

With praying in a large circle some of the kids are shy and don't like to say their prayers out loud. I never push anyone to pray that is uncomfortable. Typically all the kids will choose to say a prayer, but some will pray silently in their head.  For the shy ones in the crowd, I always give the option of a silent prayer. We all bow our heads, and when the child is finished silently praying they will say a loud "Amen" to let the rest of us know they are done. I encourage the kids to pray along with each person. 

Another option for a shy child, they can choose to repeat a prayer after me. I never make anyone feel bad for being shy about praying. Everyone has different comfort levels, and just because a child doesn't want to pray aloud does not mean they love Jesus any less.

I purchased my ball at Dollar Tree and wrote on it with a black permanent marker. I tried to space things evenly on the ball. 

These are my prayer topics on the ball in no specific order:

Freedom from fear
Good sibling relationships
Trust God
Comfort in sadness
Tender heart
Safety and protection
World leaders
Bright future
Learn God's word
To do well in school
Grow close to God in prayer
Develop skills and talents
Honor your parents
Strong Friendships
Physical health and strength
For patience and perseverance
School teacher
Children's pastor
Pastor of our church
Resist negative peer pressure
To always tell the truth
Hope and joy
Good self-esteem
Make wise decisions
Feel loved and wanted
Respect those in authority
Obey God

Every time I pull out the prayer ball I am encouraged by the faith of the children. Their prayers are genuine and heartfelt. They pray a prayer and believe that God will answer it. After their prayer is said, they don't pick it back up and worry about if God will answer. It is simple with children. God promises He will answer. Children expect Him to do exactly as He says. If only we all could have faith like a child. 

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  1. This is wonderful! I wish we could have done this when I was a kid so I could have gotten more comfortable with wording my prayers. Thank you for sharing on TipMeTuesday



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