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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My days have been brimming with intention and purpose. I only have moments left with my son before summer vacation is upon us and he then will take that next step into kindergarten. My time as a stay at home mom is coming to a close, and I have aspired to make every second count.

Hours have been logged reading books, playing games, watching movies, and doing puzzles. I am so thankful that spring is finally here and we can spend some much needed time outside. It opens up a whole new world of activities for us.

sequence num6ers

The game is Sequence Num6ers, a fun way to learn addition and subtraction. In order to put down your Sequence chip, you must know the answer to the problem. Sometimes I help Zech come up with the answer, but most of the time he can use his fingers to find the solution.

sequence num6ers

Before you judge me on my enthusiasm for beating a 5 year old, you must understand Zech is a whiz at games. It doesn't matter what we choose to play, the kid almost always wins. I don't stand a chance when we play Memory, or Trouble. Even if the game is primarily luck, Zech will most often come out on top.

Warmer weather is here! We took advantage of the sunshine and went outdoors today. I couldn't resist letting Zech skip naptime so we could be outdoors on this beautiful day. Nothing can compare to feeling the sun on your face, and seeing a smile on your loved ones.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy
I couldn't be happier with the role that God has given me. My children bring such fulfillment to my life. And in return I want to intentionally be all that I can be for them. I'm going to miss these rewarding moments when my little friend goes off to school in a few months.

psalm 57:10 your unfailing love is as high as the heavens

*A Funny Side Note*
Shortly after arriving to fly our kite, Zech tripped on the tall grass and fell down when trying to run with the kite. He was very discouraged and didn't want to hold the string anymore. He only wanted to sit in the car and take pictures of me flying the kite. At one point I was able to release the entire string of the kite, (my last photo) and keep it up for almost 20 minutes. During that time I tried repeatedly to get Zech out of the car to hold onto the string. He refused. And every time I talked of going home Zech would beg me to continue to fly the kite. He didn't want to go home and nap. After all, anything is better than sleeping, even if it means watching mom fly a kite!

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