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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God's Not Dead

"Let love explode and bring the dead to life. A love so bold to bring a revolution somehow. Now I'm lost in your freedom and this world I'll overcome...

My God's not dead
He's surely alive
He's living on the inside
Roaring like a LION."

Summer camp is coming! We are all excited in this house. Ariel will be joining the youth at camp for the very first time, and Gabe will be attending Kid's camp for the second year.

Unfortunately, prices have gone up this year for camp. But with that came a unique opportunity for Gabriel. There is a chance at our church for one boy, and one girl to win a $20 scholarship to go toward their camp fees. The criteria? They must write an essay on the difference Christ has made in their life. Grammar, spelling and punctuation will not be graded on; only the understanding of what it means to live for Christ.

Needless to say, my son was overjoyed at this chance. He directly began writing his paper. Not a moment was to be lost. After a couple rough drafts, his final copy is ready for reading.
God's Not Dead

God is deffently not dead. If he was dead there would not be a single good thing because all good come's from God.

When I have God I can overcome my biggest fears. For example I'm afraid of the basement. Because I get freaked out by the sighn on the fridge that sais "Gotcha". And God gave me the courage to not look at that sighn and do what needs to be done. Be strong and corageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. God is with you every step you take. Joshua 1:9

God gave me a goal in soccer. I've been playing soccer for 2 years and I never made a goal. God helped me score a goal at my very last game. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

God has made things better for me. For example, I got in trouble at school for distracting other kids and I had to sit in the hallway. When I got home I told mom the truth about what happened and my punishment was not as bad as it would of been if I had lied. If you make it to the top by lying and cheating you get paid with smoke and a promotion to death. Proverbs 21:6

God has helped me forgive others. At Bible study (I do with my Grandma) I got to forgive the 3 big bullys at my school. They have been spreading rumors and laghing sinse kindergarten. And I prayed with Grandma and forgave them.

All good come's from God and this will give proof that

I believe Gabriel has a considerable understanding of how God works in our lives. God has shown Himself to my son in wondrous, miraculous ways, and Gabriel has been willing to see the supernatural things of God, and not dismiss it as coincidence or ability on his own part.

This essay attracted some discussion with my son. When he was writing the paper, it was suggested to include personal experiences. At first, he baulked at this idea. Fear influenced him, and he worried that they wouldn't choose him because of the sinful things he had done. He figured they would probably want to choose someone who was a better Christian and didn't have the weaknesses that he has.

Titus challenged Gabriel to read Luke 7:36-50, the story of the woman who washes Jesus' feet. "So she took a bottle of perfume and knelt at his feet. She was crying and washed his feet with her tears. Then she dried his feet with her hair, kissed them over and over again, and poured the perfume on them." Luke 7:37-38

This woman was considered in her time the biggest sinner of them all, the town harlot, yet Jesus forgave her and deemed her love impressive. "That’s why I’m telling you that her many sins have been forgiven. Her great love proves that. But whoever receives little forgiveness loves very little. Luke 7:47

Those who have sinned much, have been forgiven much, and therefore can love much. Weakness is a sign that we need a Savior. If we had no sin, and did no wrong, what use would we have for Jesus? It is in our defects and inabilities that God has a chance to shine through and change us. If only we could all truly grasp that fact.

“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”
― C.S. Lewis

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