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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I called Zech into the room to do his job. Every time he winds the cord on the vacuum cleaner he receives ten cents. We have a chart on the fridge that he keeps track of it on. On the first and third Saturday, it’s pay day.

the money man gives it to you

As Zech was doing his job this morning, he told me I should have a chart on the fridge to keep track of my jobs. “Every time you do a job, Mommy, you should write it down on the fridge. Then you could get money. Lots of money!”

I'm glad to see he appreciates how much work I do around the house. I was curious where he thought the money would be coming from, so I asked him.

His smart reply, “The money man gives it to you."

"Oh yeah? Who's the 'money man'?"

"You know where Ariel’s school is; you drive past there and get your money from the money man. He lives there. He will give you stacks of money.”

My bank is nowhere near my daughter’s middle school, so I have no idea who this “money man” is, but I really want to meet him!

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  1. How cute! When you find the money man, please let me know!



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