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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kids Do The Darndest Things

Last night was spaghetti night, which means Zechariah was fasting. For some reason, he hates spaghetti. I've never heard of such a thing.

If the kids refuse to eat dinner, we make them wait until morning for their next meal. They don't get to choose something different. It's always been a rule in our home. We'll save their dinner, and keep it hot.

He cried to me, "Mommy. I need some food. Please, I need food." with his bottom lip protruding.

A little while later, I noticed him lifting all the couch cushions up excitedly searching for food.

"Yum! A Jelly Bean!


"Hmm.. Popcorn!"

I couldn't resist letting him eat what he found. He went through both couches, every single cushion. That was ingenuity!

For anyone who's curious, Zech ended up getting hungry enough to eat his spaghetti noodles before bed. It works every time!

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