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Friday, May 11, 2012

Animal Bookmarks

This week Ariel came to me with some bookmarks she had made herself. I thought they were fantastic! I love how cute they look eating the pages of a book. She has made lots of different animals, mostly birds. I took a couple pictures to share with you.

If you love to read, this is a perfect craft to make with your children! It's so simple. All you need is a couple different colored sheets of paper, scissors and some glue sticks.

These are the first two she put together, a dragon and a blue bird. I love the dragon! He's so cute!

animal bookmarks

A cat and an iguana!

animal bookmarks

Two more birds... They are, of course, Ariel's favorite to make. I think she should add some wings to the birds.

animal bookmarks

First, you can print out the template here, or make your own. It's a pretty basic, easy shape to cut out. You can make it as large or as small as you want. This is going to make a medium size animal.

animal bookmark template

On the side with the two triangles, you want to fold each of them in towards the middle. They will make the head of your animal.

Now we're going to work on the mouth of your animal. It is the part you will see outside of your book giving it the appearance of eating. You can add some sharp teeth, a tongue, a beak... Whatever your animal needs to complete their mouth. You want to make sure to glue it in between the two triangle pieces of the head.

The fun part is adding all the accessories to make it your animal. Ariel is making this one a penguin, so she's adding a white stomach.

You can draw eyes on, or make them out of paper. Ariel really likes to make hers with three different colors, the white of the eye, the iris color, and the pupil. I think the more detail you put into it, the nicer it comes out.

Simply adorable! We had to showcase our bookmark on a book of penguins. It only seemed appropriate.

penguin animal bookmark

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  1. These are precious! Perfect for little ones to make.... I'm so glad that I found your blog - I'm your newest follower. Such an uplifting moment when I found another blogger taking a stand for their faith... Love it! Would love if you would share with my followers at my linky party {}! Have a great week - heather



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