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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

This morning on the way to school, it was discovered that both Gabriel and Ariel lost their coats. It's been very chilly in the mornings lately. On the drive I told Ariel I didn't want to buy her another coat. In the past year she has lost 2 coats, one of which was my very special "Casey hoodie" she had borrowed. Gabe said we could save our money, and wanted me to ask my sister to ask the family she is living with this question, "Could we come to their backyard, kill a deer, tan the hide and make coats for our family?"

My Side of the Mountain widescreen dvd
I'm sure this sounds a little out of the blue, but it's really not. On Sunday we watched "My Side of the Mountain" where a 13 year old boy wanted to move into the mountain area by himself and live off of the land. He ate plants, experimented on algae, trained a falcon to kill small animals he could eat, and he tanned a deer hide which he made a nice jacket out of, and a door to a tree that he lived inside of. This kid was a genius and lived in the most primitive way.

I thought it was funny that Gabe remembered this, and that by just watching a few minutes of a tutorial on a movie he figured we would be experienced enough to do it ourselves. He seemed really surprised when I questioned our ability to do this.

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