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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I love my kids! I cannot say that enough. They fill my heart with joy, and always put a smile on my face.

Yesterday we had a fall party which we wore costumes to. I'm always up for a family photo, so we first stopped at a pretty park to takes some snapshots. Before exiting the car, I turned around to the backseat and very firmly said, "We are NOT here to play on the toys. We're just taking pictures. Don't even THINK about running to the toys."

Gabe has been in an absolute honesty phase lately, and said very seriously to me, "Is it okay if we just think about, but don't actually do it? I don't think I can not think about it because I'm already thinking about it right now."

I held back my snicker, and loved my son all the more for telling me the truth. Isn't it funny how we say things when we often don't really mean it. I didn't care if my kids thought about playing, I only wanted them to know I meant business. What a great kid!

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