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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revised: Things to Do When Kidz Say They're Bored

This week, Gabriel has come up with his very own, revised copy of "Things to Do When Kidz Say They're Bored." I thought he came up with some very intriguing new ideas. And I'm sure there are a few things that you never would have thought to do!

things to do when kids say I'm bored

Nintendo DS


Play outside

Treasure hunt

Play in your room

Ride a bike

Make a maze book

Make a story

Play downstairs

Go to a playground

Build a tent

Play with your baby brother

Play with your big sister

Go to grandma's house

Go to your friend's house

Play Super Mario Brothers

Watch plants grow

Hot chocolate party

Play with chalk

Play Webkinz

Make Sentences

Sock Fight

Make food for families

Bake cookies

Make monsters

Play checkers

Play chess

Watch a movie

Play with your aunt

Play with your bird

Pretend you are a hero

Make parts of books

Make all new friends

Watch people play Nintendo DS'

Play with your big brother

Play with your baby sister

Play telephone

Bible study

Color a picture

Play in the snow

Play on Super Mario Wii

Go on a walk

Go to the museum

Do science experiments

Play on the laptop (You need a grownup to put the password in)

Watch library movies

Color pictures of dragons

Color pictures of monsters

Color pictures of people

Color in a coloring book

Make cool food

Pretend you are a chef

Make a fake volcano

Go to the library

Make a CD

Make crafts out of yarn

Go to the school playground

Pick up trash at a park


Play in the sand

Ride on a vacuum cleaner (You'll probably need a grownup's help for this)

Take a nap

Plan a sleepover party

Blow up a balloon

Watch a timer

Listen to music

Pretend you're a zombie caught in a blanket

Go to the zoo

Make your own zoo at home

Say things in Z ... like Za-manda

Play on the guitar

Do sports

Make a pet out of your brother or sister

Play soccer

Play football

Play hockey

Play tennis

Play softball

Play basketball

Make a blog

Make a book of monsters

Make a adventure book

Watch adventure movies

Bob for apples

Jump on the trampoline (not everyone can do this if they don't have a trampoline)

Swing high

Slide down a slide

Make a hat

Dress up

Drink soda pop

Sit at a pond

Play on the monkey bars

Hop on rocks

Jump in the leaves

Do a picnic

Eat a cake

Dress up as a soldier

Blow out a candle

Study fish

Study bats

Study squirrels

Bake cupcakes

Make a list of fun things to do!

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