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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cake Decorating

The kids have many favorite things, but I know they really look forward to cake decorating! It's a time when they get to let their creative juices flow, and put together wild and pretty creations. And what better way to be creative, than to be able to eat it when you're all finished!

Gabriel worked on his own cake today. This morning we baked a German chocolate cake, and frosted it with pink icing for a very special lady. This coming Monday is Gabe's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mannell's birthday. We are planning to drive to her house, and surprise her with this tasty cake.

Gabe was very diligent in putting all the finishing touches on the cake.

These sunflowers are leftover from a wedding cake that my mother made a month ago. The nice thing about that kind of icing, they can last for months and months. Although they never really are very tasty.
sunflower cake

Mark and Cynthia were busy putting some grass on their cupcake so their sunflower had somewhere to grow!
Ariel was very pleased with her cupcakes, and she even made them all by herself. She named each of them, and thinks they are good enough to go on display at Daddy Cakes.

flower patch cupcake
flower garden cupcake
Zechariah really wasn't too interested in decorating the cupcake, as he was in eating the icing. He licked that cupcake clean! He didn't like the cake part, but he definitely enjoyed the frosting.

Gabe was another hard worker, who planned on displaying his cupcakes at Daddy Cake's. He had a great deal in mind for people too, only 10 cents for the cupcake!

sunflower cupcake

I couldn't leave our friend, Josiah, out of the pictures. He worked hard crawling around everyone's feet and pulling himself up into a standing position. What a big boy!

Our completed cupcakes... don't they look good??
sunflower cake
These are the ones I made for Titus and myself. An Owl City one for me, and a guitar for Titus.
owl guitar cupcake
We'll probably all be eating a good dinner tonight so we can spoil ourselves on dessert!

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