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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beauty Day

We do so many fun things in the summer, I wish I had enough time to post something about every day. We love life, and don't waste very many seconds of it. Earlier this week, we experienced beauty. It's so important to feel special and pampered that we set aside a day to do just that with the kids. It's also an opportunity for us to teach them about taking care of their bodies. This is our fun way of showing just how soapy you need to get your hair when washing, and how long do you really need to brush those teeth. The kids love it!

We always start our day off with a special bag of stuff. You just never know what you're going to get! The girls got a new bag to hold their lady things, as they soon will be growing into young women. The boys got a gift bag full of manly stuff, including some Spider-Man tattoos.

beauty day
beauty day

The first thing on our schedule was haircuts! Both Zechariah and Gabriel were blessed to have their grandma cut their hair. It should help out with the hot humid weather we've been having!

One of the most important parts of getting ready is the shower. We made it fun for the kids by letting them run around the backyard in their bathing suits while they lathered up their heads in soap. On a hot day this is the ideal shower. This time for Beauty Day, Shaun was able to join in our fun. He was the one spraying the hose!

I'm going to have to explain this picture a little. Gabriel was pretending to not want his shower, and when running away from the hose, he managed to step on a bee. He was stung on his big toe, and screamed for an hour. That still didn't keep him from participating.

Another favorite part of beauty day is the foot spa. The kids always end up wanting to spend most of their time soaking their feet. My mom and I also give the kids a little foot massage too. We have some foot scrub and lotion that we apply to each of them.

As you can see, that foot rub is very relaxing!

For the girls, we applied some nail polish to their fingernails. Zechariah did not understand why he couldn't have some too, so I let him play with some of my flash dry. It's supposed to help the polish dry quicker, and it leaves no color or shininess behind. He was actually very good at applying it!

Tattoos! What we figured would be equivalent to painting the girls fingernails.

Lots of beauty fun!

Shaun spent most of his time taking photos, except when Gabriel had the camera here. If you remember Gabe likes to click click click.

One of the last things we did at our beauty day was brushing our teeth. We made it a little more exciting, and told the kids we would see who could make the most bubbles with their toothpaste.

Zechariah was enjoying using his OWN deodorant!
Now we're ready to go out and face the world!

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