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Friday, December 8, 2017

Origami Christmas Tree

I love finding easy, inexpensive crafts to make! I get excited and I just have to share them with someone. These origami Christmas trees are sooo cute! You could make an entire winter landscape with them, or your own mini Christmas tree farm. You can make them all different sizes too! You would just need to have different size squares of paper. The folding would be the same.

I found my square paper at Hobby Lobby. Since we are in the middle of the Christmas season, this paper book was 50% off. I only paid $3.50 for 48 sheets. That's a lot of Christmas trees that I could make!

You start by folding your square in half diagonally, making a triangle. Then you want to open it up, and fold in half again on the other diagonal of the square.

Open it up, and fold it in half again, this time making a rectangle. You could begin with this step. It doesn't matter which is done first, the diagonal or the rectangle folds. You want to open it up, and fold in half the opposite direction you just folded again.

After you have made both the rectangle folds and the diagonal folds, you are going to open the paper up, and fold in half between each of the folds you have already made. In the photo below you can see where to fold. The solid lines are the folds you have already completed in previous steps, the dotted line is the new fold you are going to make. Do this same thing to each of the remaining 7 sections.

It should start to stand up like a tree.

You are going to lay it flat, with two sections of 4 folds. In the photo I'm holding it open so you can see the four different folds.

This is what it should look like from the top when it is flattened into two sections of 4 folds. It resembles the Star Trek emblem! You are going to cut off the bottom of the tree on the line I have shown below.

Keeping it folded in half, you will cut small triangles out of each side of the tree. This is what makes your branches.

You can now spread the sides of your tree so that it will stand on its own. So cute! And SO easy to make! I'd love to make a whole forest of these trees. They would be perfect to put next to some winter cottages. I've always wanted to make a mini village, however I don't have the room to display it.

A friend of mine used them for table decorations at a Christmas party. What would you use these mini Christmas trees for?

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