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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Egg Carton Wreath

how to make egg carton wreath
Several years ago, I made an egg carton wreath for my mother. We were on a budget, and I wanted something extra special for my mom on Mother's Day. The wreath took about 8 hours for me to make, but literally cost pennies to put together. It's made from recycled egg cartons. I did this craft with a friend, which might have attributed to the longer craft time. We had little kids under foot, and we talked a bit as we worked!

I often buy eggs from different places, so I have a variety of styles to choose from. You might think egg cartons are all the same, but they are not. And this wreath can be made best from several different styles. You can have different shaped flowers depending on the piece of the carton you use.

types of egg cartons to make wreath

The hardest part is the cutting! I still haven't figured out scissors that will easily cut through egg cartons, and I own a pair of Cutco scissors which are supposed to be strong enough to cut a penny. Scissors just rub your knuckles the wrong way when you cut up egg cartons. I don't think there is a pain free way to do. But it's all worth it! 

blue and yellow wreath made from egg cartons

After the flowers are painted, and glued on the cardboard ring, you are left with a wreath that makes you smile. Every time I see this wreath hanging in my mother's kitchen, it makes me happy.  It also makes me remember the act of love which went into the making. I never could bring myself to duplicate the wreath for my own house. The time spent on cutting the different flowers scared me away from trying again.

close up of flowers on blue and yellow egg carton wreath

Without having to be super creative on the cutting, you can always make each flower different in the painting. Be creative with the centers! Each flower is unique!

The only part of the wreath that isn't made from the egg carton, is the cardboard ring I painted for the back. You can make it as big, or as little as you would like. I didn't even add any kind of hook to the back of the wreath. A simple brad will hold the lightweight wreath on the wall.

Remember that act of love I never wanted to duplicate for myself? 

I didn't have to! For my birthday this year, my mom surprised me with my own egg carton wreath in my favorite colors. Now I can smile every time I see it on my wall, and I can remember my mom loves me enough to spend hours making her fingers sore.

yellow and green egg carton wreath

close up of yellow and white flowers made with egg cartons

I loved how instead of coloring the middle of these yellow flowers, my mom glued a brown pom-pom into the center! It adds a little depth to the flowers!

egg carton wreath

If you want to use it as a craft for your kids, let them paint the flowers as you cut them! They will love putting their own special touch on it!

small bird resting on flowers for egg carton wreath

Nestled in the flowers on my wreath, you will find a sweet little bird.

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