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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Legend of Gabonland

My eldest son is a very talented author. He has been completing fictional works of art since before he knew how to spell. Every year his talent grows stronger. I am very proud of all the hard work he has put into creating stories and new worlds for his characters. Each year a new book is completed.

Right now, his latest book he has wrote is titled The Legend of Gabonland. In order to share his story with more people, he created a blog. This book has taken him two years to perfect, and I'm very proud to share it for him. Every few days or so, he plans to upload a new chapter to the story on his blog.

The book is geared toward young adults, but can be of  interest to those in elementary school. The story is original, and exciting. It has action, adventure, love, and more. I highly recommend you give it a shot.

castle with lightning strike at the top

When competitions are held in the region of the world Gabonland, many questions are raised. Why is King Condronson of Bacnaltica holding contests in countries he isn’t king over? Why is the reward for these competitions left so vague? Five competitions are held in all Gabonland. The winners, Cornelious, Flitican, Asher, Elderain, and Sarnam, are summoned to Thektow Tower to claim their reward. Instead of a reward they are sent on a dangerous quest to stop an evil lord called Lord Vallan from taking over Gabonland with an army of monsters. The fate of the world is on the Five Heroes shoulders, as they head to Malicina to destroy the evil hanging over Gabonland, knowing that the quest could claim their lives.

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