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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kids Do The Darndest Things

When I walked into the bathroom, I was quite shocked at the sight I saw. There was a water gun floating in the toilet. Both my son and daughter were standing nearby.

“What in the world are you doing? Why is the gun in the toilet?”

Zech could sense there was trouble brewing, and quickly put things straight to me, “Ariel did it!”

I turned to her, “Well, why didn’t you pick it up if you knocked it in. That’s so disgusting to leave it there.”

My daughter, who turned 12 recently, very calmly replies to me, “I was filling it up. I made sure that it was clean. Nobody had gone to the bathroom in it.”

I was totally flabbergasted. “Are you serious? Would you want to get shot with a poop gun? We’re going to have to throw it out now.”

This brought tears for Zech as it was his gun he just received last night. I relented and promised to do some serious sterilizing today.

Apparently, my daughter has never thought about the germs floating around in a toilet. It seemed perfectly natural to her to place a water gun into the bowl. What really got to me was the fact they were even resorting to using it. Whatever happened to filling up a water gun at the sink, which sits right next to the toilet?

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