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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Daily Coffee

My kids have done it again, they've gone and impressed me. Earlier this week the older two had the idea that we needed a family newspaper. Titus is gone at work all day, and they felt he needed to hear all about our days. After something interesting happens, they write an article.

I love their dedication! They each write different parts of the paper and they came up with cute names. The paper is called The Daily Coffee because their father can't go a day without his pot of coffee! They have in the issue a joke section, titled Laughing Caffeine. Even Zechariah is involved in this paper. While he doesn't write the articles himself, he does dictate what his article will say.

Summers are normally spent playing and having fun with education taking a bit of a back seat. Not in this house. We keep it at the forefront at all times. This has been an excellent way to continue education. And the greatest part, since it's their own idea they are excited about it. They can't wait to put together each issue and read the final copy. The only part I help with is typing up their articles and inserting photos. I am the official photographer for The Daily Coffee.

This is such a great idea for kids in school. They get a chance to write and practice their skills, and you are left with a keepsake worth treasuring. I hope they keep this up, even if the paper cuts back it's printing to only once a month, it would still be a significant advantage.

Our latest edition is highlighting all the fun we had this Independence Day. The kids get so excited holding their paper, they can't wait for their dad to walk in the front door so he can read their hard work.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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