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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

This week Zech and I found a really cool Darth Vader mask at Goodwill. Zech has been obsessed with Star Wars for the past couple of weeks. If he gets to choose a movie, he wants to watch one of the original Star Wars. It must have Darth Vader.

As we were checking out at the register, Zech was pretty excited about his mask. He told the lady, "Do you know somebody is actually called Darth Vader?"

She smiled at him.

"Even it's on a Star Worlds movie. I even have a game of it."

She seemed impressed.

"It was a Darth Vader mask!" He said with a somber tone.

"Ohhh... He's the bad guy, right?" she questioned.

Zech corrected her, "Actually, no. He's really not. He's just the father."

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