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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of the prettiest places is the gardens at Ward Meade Park. The flowers are gorgeous. I LOVE spending time there. The place is so peaceful, and it's almost hidden from the rest of the world. People frequently go on tours of the log cabin, mansion, and other buildings, but you don't often run into people walking through the gardens.

The most exciting thing I discovered; they have recently installed a huge kaleidoscope.

The flowers may not appear very attractive, and they were dying, however, when you look through the kaleidoscope it's absolutely beautiful! I almost didn't even look through the lens because I thought it would be disappointing since the flowers were mostly dead. You couldn't even tell when you look through the lens. It was amazing! It's a definite asset to the flower garden.

kaleidoscope purple flowers
kaleidoscope flowers
kaleidoscope white flowers
kaleidoscope white purple flowers

My pictures don't even do justice to the beauty of it. You must try it out for yourself!

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