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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dinosaurs in Elementary School

It's story time with Gabe, my eight year old son. He wants to be an author when he grows up. I think he's well on his way now! As always with Gabriel's stories, if you like what you read, please give him a click on the title. He is constantly requesting to hear how many times his stories have been read.

Dinosaurs in Elementary school book
Chapter 1
Library Time!
One day there was a boy who went to school. It was Thursday. They went to library. When the teacher dismissed us, I ran and grabbed Inkspell. The teacher said, “You can’t read that. Get a smaller book.” So I went to get a research book. I saw spiders and birds. Then I saw a research book about dinosaurs. I reached for it and checked it out and read it. Then it was time to go home. I put the book with the T-Rex on the cover on my desk and went home.

Chapter 2
Disaster Falls Over Elementary School
The next day we went to school. The lights were off, and I was late. So I walked home. The next day I was at school. I was going to the bathroom. Suddenly the roof was pulled off. A dinosaur was there. Chomp! “He almost ate me.” I said. “Ahhhh!” I made it out and on my way home the dinosaur was nipping at my butt. Then after a little while the dinosaur gave up and went back to the school.

big yellow t-Rex dinosaur
Chapter 3
Not One Boy, But the Whole School Knows About the Dinosaur
The next day I woke up peacefully in the morning, and I thought the dinosaur was a dream. So I ate breakfast and went to school. I did what I usually did. First they figured out who wanted hot or cold lunch. Then a spelling test. Then art. Then work papers. Then lunch. But when I went to recess the whole school saw a dinosaur.

spider-man in bed drawing
Chapter 4
Stay Still
Suddenly I remembered what was in the book. The book said if you stand still a T-Rex won’t see you. So I said, “Stay still everybody. Stay still.” Then the most scared kindergartener ran and screamed. Then the dinosaur started to charge. Everybody ran into the school. But I noticed it said, “Dinosaurs” at the top of the dinosaur's head. Then I started to run harder. But I ran all the way home.

Chapter 5
When I was home I thought of what the dinosaur thing meant. I came up with all of the answers there are. I crossed out, “maybe it’s his name.” I crossed out, “maybe because he is a dinosaur.” And I crossed out, “maybe it’s his middle name.” I crossed out, “maybe it is his last name.” Then the only one left was “he came out of the research book.” Then I wrote the true answer on a piece of paper to remember what it was. So I was prepared to go to sleep. I dreamed of being a super hero for figuring it out. But I had a nightmare that the dinosaur would eat me.

Chapter 6
The next morning started out with a loud RING. So I got up and got dressed and went to Billy’s house because all of my friends were there. I said, “Guys, I need to tell you why there is a dinosaur. I got a book from the library about dinosaurs. I also saw a dinosaur on the cover and I saw a thing that said “Dinosaurs” at the top of the dinosaur's head. I noticed that it came out of my research book. Do you believe me what I said?” All of the kids said, “Yes.” So we started planning.

Chapter 7
I went back to the house after dinner. All of the other kids did too. So I said, “I got a plan. We will read the dinosaur back in the book. So who will risk your life for this?” Billy raised his hand. I said, “Billy, you get to distract the dinosaur. Ellen and Jonathan, you tie up the dinosaur so it won’t get Billy and hold still while I read it back into the book. Joe and I will get the book. We will do this tomorrow.

Chapter 8
The Plan in Action
The next day I woke up and ran to the school yard. All the other people were there too. Billy ran to the dinosaur and stuck his tongue out and said, “nah nah nah nah nah dinosaurs are stupid, extinct animals.” The dinosaur chased Billy. Jonathan and Ellen ran to separate sides. Ellen threw the rope over the dinosaur. Jonathan caught it on the other side. Then Ellen and Jonathan tied up the dinosaur’s legs, and the dinosaur tripped. So me and Joe went to Mrs. Heil’s class and took the book and ran outside. I started to read. The dinosaur started fading into the book. So then Elementary school was safe again.


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