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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Adventures of Gabriel & Stefanie

My eight year old son, Gabriel, is growing up to be a very talented author and illustrator. He is constantly writing in notebooks, adding chapters to his stories. While my son is growing and improving his talent, I told him I would be happy to share some of his story on my blog. It's a way of being published at a very young age. I already believe he is an author. It's part of his nature. Since he learned to write words in kindergarten he has filled his free time with notebooks and stories. His favorite to write is The Adventure of Gabriel and Stefanie.

As his stories never really have an ending, I thought I would do this book in several installments. I cannot include everything as the book has already filled 16 or 17 notebooks. I will give you some of the highlights of the book; Gabriel's favorite chapters. Then someday when he's published you can have firsthand knowledge of his early years!

To give you some background on the story, Gabriel and Stefanie's adventure usually consist of fighting the three villains: Bowser, King Vallan, & the Black Thorn. Gabe and Stefanie travel to different castles and temples killing the bad guys. This time the adventurers have returned home for a much needed rest.

The Adventures of Gabriel and Stefanie
Book 16, Chapters 49 & 50

Chapter 49: The Break at the Tube

We are almost a quarter of our adventure done.
"Cool. A tube." said Stefanie.
"Go." said Gabe.
"It's the real world."
"Our break. Let's go to our house." said Gabe.
"It's mom's house." said Stefanie
"And to me Grandma's house." said Gabe.

Ring. Ring the door bell. Bark. Like usual Bella barked.

"Hi, Mom."
"Hi, Grandma."
"I missed you two. 49 days gone. You could have died."
"Well, it was a little hard."
"How many miles did you go." said Grandma.
"Like 46,289,356,178,294,999,921,301 miles." said Stefanie.
"Now what are we having for lunch?" said Gabriel who eats a lot.
"Oriental rice, ham, hot dogs, spaghetti."
"Dinner's ready."

oriental rice

Chapter 50: Lunch

"Can you pass the ham?" said Stefanie
"Before we eat, let's say a prayer," said Gabriel.
Grandma prays, "Dear Jesus, thank you for keeping Gabriel and Stefanie safe on their travels. And Amanda having a good time with Titus, Ariel, and Zech. And thank you for helping Uncle Shaun to have a good time. And help me and Mike to have a perfect day. Amen."
"Let's eat" said Stefanie. "And play the game."

(Conversation Stones)
Here are the rules:
Start by having the first player draw a stone.

Depending on which stone is drawn, the player must do the following:
Question. Answer the question on the stone.
Name. Name something you like about the person named on the stone.
Blank. The person who drew the stone must come up with a question that each person in the group answers.

Continue around the group until all stones are gone, or until everyone has had equal turns.

Pass it. Mix it. Grab it.
"What do you like about Zech, Stefanie."
"He is a great kid."
"Okay, Gabe, your turn."

Mix it. Grab it.
Name your favorite hobby.
"Uhh.. helping Stefanie on her adventures."
"Good. Amanda, your turn."

Mix it. Grab it.
What would you like to change about yourself?
"I would not like to yell at my kids that much."
"Good. Titus, your turn."

Mix it. Grab it.
"Why did the kid cross the road?" said Titus.

why did the kid cross the street joke
Stefanie, "It wasn't following its mother's instructions."
Gabe, "Maybe a stuffed bear was over there."

Titus said, "Amanda, you guess."
"Because maybe its family was on the other side of the road."
"Good guess."

"Your guess, Ariel."
"Maybe the baby liked pigeons so he walked on the other side of the road to get them."

"Zech, what do you think?"
"Kissen Boon."

"Shaun, what do you think?"
"His friend could have been over there."

Titus said, "Okay. Uhh, Debbie?"
"Maybe a big screen was back over there so he could watch a movie."

"Mike, you try it."
"Maybe it was mad and it wanted to run away."

"Ariel, your turn to pick a stone."

Mix it. Grab it.
What do you want to spend more time with?
"A bird."
"Okay, Zech, you now get to pick a stone."

Mix it. Grab it.
"Okay, Shaun, your turn to pick a stone."

Mix it. Grab it.
What have you done lately worth remembering?
"Seeing Mikaela."
"Debbie, your turn to pick a stone."

Mix it. Grab it.
What is your favorite food?
"Nut pie."
"Okay, Grandpa Mike, your turn."

Mix it. Grab it.
Name your favorite vacation.
"Going to England."
"Okay, Mikaela, your turn."

Mix it. Grab it.
"She is a good friend."

Lunch is over.
Grandma says, "Say bye to Gabriel and Stefanie."
Stefanie answers, "We'll visit soon."
"Okay. Bye!"

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