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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Normally I do my grocery shopping by myself on Saturday morning, however, this weekend we are really busy. I wasn't going to have any time at all to get it done.

Today Zech and I spent all morning long buying groceries. I was most impressed with how well Zechariah was behaving too. He helped me choose all our items, and very obediently threw them into the shopping cart.

As we were getting into our car, I noticed a dollar bill on the ground next to us. There were no cars around in the parking lot for me to offer it to, so I asked Zech if he would like the dollar for all his hard work.

He was thrilled! Zech has seen his brother and sister on many occasion earn a dollar, but so far this hasn't happened for him yet.

We were driving to the next store to complete our shopping, when he very excitedly told me, "I gonna put it in my purse when I get home!"

Milky Way candy bar
However, the dollar didn't make it there. He chose a candy bar at the next store!

Later, when he overheard me telling grandma the story about where he said he was putting the dollar, he very matter of factly corrected me, "I say my backpack, Mom." He must not have liked all the fuss I made about his purse.

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